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Berry Christmas: Google Sync

Before the iphone, we were the “cool kids.” You know us, we’re BlackBerry owners. Well as we BlackBerry users wait for our contracts to expire and iphone prices to continue to fall, here is a great new application from Google. It is Google Sync – a free program that keeps the Blackberry Calendar in sync with the web based Google Calendar. I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this application since I bought my BlackBerry last year. While I try to keep most of my information in a web based environment, there are times when I need the speed of desktop (or phone top) access. For example, you are sitting across the table from a client and they ask, “When can we get together again?” Rather than having to go through the process of jumping on the net, logging in, scrolling to the right time frame, and then entering the data, I can simply check the desktop calendar and go. The real beauty is that because the software auto-syncs to my BlackBerry to my GCal, I am always up to speed on where to be and when. Oh the nerdy things that excite me! Not sure if I should celebrate or cry. Alas, this is a great app – worth checking out.

There are also a number of other new desktop applications for BlackBerry that can be downloaded from Google. Picassa, Reader, Docs, and more – now with desktop icons for the mobile device. Stay up to date on all of them by subscribing to the Google Mobile Blog.  Merry Christmas to all. (Is that on the 25th this year?…let me check my calendar…yep!) and to all a good night.