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breakinFor years now I have told my wife all about how as children on Bosart Road, my friends and I used to put on our parachute pants and bust out the break dance moves from time to time.  This was the era of the Moonwalk, the robot, the centipede, and the wave.  At this time in history, Rick Schroder was Ricky, and his sidekick was none other than Alfonso Ribeiro – yep the same guy that was later side kick to Wil Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire.  However, on Silver Spoons, Alfonso was Ricky’s cool friend – he could breakdance and everything!  As a result of his rad dancing abilities, he ended up getting a product of his very own.  The Alfonso Robeiro Breakin and Poppin Guide – complete with a book a “rap sheet,” a wall poster guide to the hottest moves, an album called Rap Attack, and best of all The Alfonso Robeiro Breakdance Board.

The kit was described as the “safe way” to learn to break dance… as opposed to the dangerous way?  Anyway, it was a classic back in the day.  The part of this kit I always wanted most was the amazing break dance board.  Neither me, nor any of my friends, were able to convice our parents that they should drop the $20 bucks required to get Alphoso’s totally awesome kit.  Thus, we were always forced to practice our head spins, back spins, and centipede moves on carpet, concrete, or if we were lucky a dirty old piece of left over cardboard complete with metal shards, staples, and oil stains.   I guess it is no wonder that none of us ever turned pro in break dance – well that and the fact that we had no talent, rhythm, coordination, or other skill needed for dancing.  I guess it is also no wonder I ended up in Marketing, considering the fact that I remember this commercial 25 years after it was on television.

Regardless, I have referenced the Alfonso Robeiro board for years, when ever the topic of break dancing came up in conversation – as it so often does.  Imagine my excitement when I saw this commercial on YouTube.  Perhaps now you understand why I felt compelled to share.