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There’s A Difference

THERE’S A DIFFERENCE There’s a difference between right and wrong There’s a difference between help and harm There’s a difference between truth and lies There’s a difference between you and I There’s a difference between love and hate There’s a difference between peace and pain There’s a difference between right and wrong There’s a difference […]

Not Sure Anymore

Not sure anymore what even makes sense Not sure how we got here or where we go next Not sure what to make of the things people do Not sure how the lies got confused with the truth In a world that’s lost its mind Times when peace seems hard to find When I don’t […]

One Thing Right

  I laughed and said it ain’t no big thing I have a million ideas and most of them ain’t worth a thing I understand that good things take time and if something’s important you just have to keep on trying I’ve been crazy, I’ve been blind, been lost and found so many times, been […]

Remind Myself that it’s Ok

Voices are screaming and shouting, and inside I’m wondering and doubting that I can stay sane Constantly hearing about losers and winners I’m just a beginner in the human race Feeling the world is a boulder the weight on my shoulders is more than I can take Demands on my time never ending I’m bending […]


This is a song I recorded on my ipad in the basement last spring. It’s a short little tune about simply being there for someone you love. It’s called Anytime.

If the Lights Go Out

Every now and then I get some free time and can write and record some music. My latest song is called “If the Lights Go Out,” and it is dedicated to my son Jude, who has an undiagnosed neurological condition. As a parent it is tough to see your child struggle, particularly when there are […]

Life Saver

I’m Forty. As I examine my current life and the journey that has brought me to this point, I can say in every sense I am so lucky to be alive.  I’m lucky to have survived many of the crazy adventures of my younger days, and even more lucky to have the love of my […]

I Ain’t Giving Up On You Love

I had a little time today to hide out for a while in the basement and record this little tune. It’s called “I Ain’t Giving Up On You Love,” and it’s about commitment, gratitude, and love. If you’ve got 2 1/2 minutes, give a listen. If you dig it, feel free to download it and […]

On in Waves

Today was a snowy Ohio day, so I had a little time to record a song that I recently wrote.  The song is called “On in Waves.”  I hate to tell people what a song is about, because ultimately you should make any song about what you want it to be about.  Still I’ll offer […]

about my time

The latest recording from the basement is a tune called “about my time.” This song is about growing older, becoming comfortable in your own skin, recalling the bittersweet memories of youth, and embracing today. Hope you enjoy – about my time Hadn’t seen your face in such a long time Hadn’t heard your voice or […]