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Change Your Mind

Polkas, PyroLooking for inspiration?  Seeking new ideas?  Hate to spend money?  Check out  Once a month ChangeThis publishes a handful of insightful “manifestos” which can be downloaded as PDF files for free.   Some manifestos are written by well established authors while others are penned by aspiring newcomers.  For example this month’s issue features a Manifesto by Seth Godin containing excerpts from his upcoming book Small is the New Big, and a manifesto by Cincinnati resident and Blogosopher graduate Charles Halton on creating transformational experiences.  Want to start a blog for your business? You can read A Beginer’s Guide to Business Blogging or by Debbie Weil.  Want advie on your career?  Try reading The ABC’s of A Kaleidoscope Career by Sherry E. Sullivan.  Wonder what the hell people are talking about when they say Web 2.0?  Read Troy Troy Angrignon’s piece Web 2.0: Strategies and Lessons for Business Leaders.  There are so many great articles to read- ALL FOR FREE.  ChangeThis will even notify you be email or RSS feed every month when the newest issue is released.  Change Your Mind – Check out

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