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Invisible KOOL-AID Clearly Fantastic

KOOL-AID InvisibleSometimes the way to make a product better is not to add more to it, but to take something away. That is just what Kraft foods has brilliantly done with KOOL-AID Invisible. Growing up, the only objection I remember adults consistently having to drinking KOOL-AID had nothing to do with my consumption of it, but rather the potential disaster that could come if I spilled it on the new carpet, new drapes, new furniture, or in the family room that no one went into. KOOL-AID on a nice shirt meant that it was no longer a nice shirt. Thus KOOL-AID was to be consumed with caution – in the right place at the right time. With KOOL-AID clear, the primary objection by parents, (this stuff permanently stains everything) is eliminated. Still thinking that all the good ideas are taken? It is amazing to me that so many people used this product, experienced this problem, and it took until now for someone to say “Hey, what if we took the dye out!” Surprisingly, I have not seen one commercial for this product, and most people I ask about it respond with a dumbfounded “Huh?” I bought this product by accident a few weeks ago, and must say that it has had rave reviews in the Bowman household. With the risk of spill eliminated, it is now a staple in our pantry. I recommend it highly. The only drawback – no KOOL-AID mustache.

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