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Dave & Derek Take to the Stage

On May 12th, 2009 longtime friend and musical collaborator Derek Wade and I took the stage for the first time in about 7 years.  We were asked by my friend Tim aka – Windsor Knotts, to play at Canal Street Tavern on the Tuesday night open stage.  Open stage may not sound like the big time, but with small children and a busy life, nothing could work better than playing a 30 minute set that ends by 9:30.  This was so much fun to do.  It had been way too long since the last time.  While I was a little rusty and dusty, I loved every minute of it.  Derek was, of course, amazing on guitar.

I want to thank Windsor for inviting us to play, and thanks everyone who came out to hear us hoot and holler for 30 minutes.  I hope you enjoyed it 1/2 as much as we did.

For those that could not make it, my friend Doug Dockery was kind enough to shoot some video, which I will share.  It is all 6 songs that we performed, including his favorite, which happens to be my father in law’s favorite as well, Ol’ Hamm Crowe.  Enjoy the videos and share them with others if you think they might want to check them out.

We will be back at Canal Street on June 16th at 9:00pm.   If you are free, come and check us out.