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Dropping Some Knowledge – Money Quotes from John Moore

Looking for some advice on how to build a successful brand?  Want to learn more about the importance of the customer experience?   Check out this post from my friend John Moore.  He lists “Money Quotes” from his book Tribal Knowledge – where he chronicles some of the wisdom he gleaned during his time at Starbucks.

John was kind enough to come to Dayton last year to speak at a PRSA meeting and then an AMA meeting.  Both presentations were incredible.  He shared so many fascinating stories about his life, and the lessons he has learned.  Both audiences were completely captivated by John’s creative presentation and compelling message.

I got to share the stage with him later in the day, when we addressed an auditorium full of students at the University of Dayton.  The experience was thrilling, and I hold him in the highest regard.  I also owe him a beer.

Get to know John Moore.  Check out Brand Autopsy and then pick up a copy of Tribal Knowledge.

Brand Autopsy: Tribal Knowledge Money Quotes