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Enlightenment through Pizza

BlackberryWhen I started my job as an account executive at Hafenbrack Marketing a few months ago, I purchased a Blackberry. In doing so, I hoped to keep track of my tasks, schedule, and emails so that I could guarantee the needs of my clients were being addressed quickly and properly. I have been amazed at the usefulness of this tool, and I have gained an understanding of the origin of the term “Crackberry.” When my computer crashed a few weeks ago, I was saved by my ability to stay in touch with the world through my handheld computer. For the 2 days that I was without a laptop I cranked out countless emails, viewed documents, updated contacts and did not miss a beat – although I did develop a wicked case of Blackberry Thumb, reminiscent of the Nintendo thumb I used to get as a video game addicted youth. Following those 2 days, I was sold. I was converted into an evangelist for this tool. Last night my commitment was taken to a whole new level by something near and dear to (and slowly clogging) my heart – pizza.

Here was the scene. We were having carpet installed in our home, and my wife and kids had been relegated to the basement for the day so as to steer clear of the installers. By the end of the day, the house was still upside down, the kids were stir crazy, and my wife was in no mood to make dinner. As I was driving home chatting with her about the events of the day she suggested that I just pick up some pizza for the family to munch on for dinner. Never being one to pass up pizza, I anxiously gave my endorsement to the plan. I agreed to take care of everything and hung up the phone. (Although I guess you don’t technically “hang up” a mobile phone) Suddenly I realized that I did not know who to call to get this pizza. I could have called information and asked for one of the chains, but that would have limited my choices and cost me money. I could have called my wife and asked her to look up the number of one of them, but that would have cost her time and forced her to have to choose the place – not something she enjoys. Then it hit me. Use the Blackberry.Pizza

For the sake of the story, we are going to say that I pulled my car into a lot and did this because that is much safer than saying something like I did this at a red light. From the main screen of my Blackberry, I clicked on the icon for Google Maps, which quickly opened the program. I then simply typed Pizza and my zip code. Immediately, I was given links to nine pizza stores within 5 minutes of my home. I clicked on the name of a new place that I had not tried yet, and up popped their phone number with a hyperlink to dial it. I clicked the link and 10 seconds later I was ordering our dinner. Just like that. All my options, right at my fingertips, when I needed them. It was too easy. My appreciation for the mobile web and my Blackberry was taken to a whole new level. Pizza information on demand – it truly is a great time to be alive.