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Favorite Things 2007 Continued: Wincing the Night Away: The Shins

Wincing The Night Away2007 was a great year for new music for me.  One of the records that got a lot of play in the ipod was Wincing the Night Away, by The Shins.  The album is an innovative rock masterpiece.  It led me to purchase the other 2 albums by the band, Chutes Too Narrow, and Oh Inverted World, which are equally exceptional.  (Interestingly enough, I noticed the other day that one of the iphone commercials shows the hands flipping through the itunes library of the supposed owner, only to have him stop on Chutes Too Narrow.  Look for it the next time you see the commercial – should not take too long.)  The sound of the Shins brings 80’s new wave together with the harmonies of the early Beatles sounds, to create something completely fresh.  The lyrics are not contrived or trite, and the melodic lines are often surprising and catchy as hell.  Of particular note on this album is the second song, Australia.  The song is rich with orchestration and instrumentation.  It took me a few dozen listens to pick up on the banjo in the background.  There are countless gems on this one, and it truly defines synthesis by putting together disparate elements into a thing of beauty.  What was your favorite musical offering of 2007?  More of mine to come… Wincing the Night Away: Music: The Shins