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Fired Up for SummitUp

I am all fired up.  The reason – SummitUp 2010.

Two weeks from today, the SummitUp conference will take place in Dayton, Ohio.  If you have never been or heard of SummitUp, check it out. SummitUp is a day long conference dedicated to exploring social media, marketing, business, technology, and creativity.  The event is scheduled to take place on October 19th, 2010 at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio.  I am one of the organizers of the event, and even get the fun job of being the emcee. (did I mention this event is just 2 days after I run my first marathon?  Wish me luck.)

The event is a collaborative effort between numerous local professional organizations such as Technology First, The Greater Dayton Advertising Association, The American Marketing Association, The Public Relations Society of America, The International Association of Business Communicators, The Media Communications Association International, and The Dayton Creative Syndicate.  Members from each of these groups as well as other dedicated volunteers have been working hard to make the day a success, and it looks like the event is shaping up to be quite an exciting day.

Why am I so excited about SummitUp?

Last year’s conference was amazing, and this year is only going to be even better.   We have an incredible line-up of keynote speakers including presentations from John Moore, Pete Blackshaw, Steve Lance, and Brian Solis.   We have an extensive line-up of breakout sessions – with two of last year’s keynote presenters, Kevin Dugan and Artie Isaac, returning this year to conduct more intimate breakouts.   Sessions also include discussions of using social media for sales, comment moderation, social media on campus, mobile application development, strategic implementation of social media, and organizational execution strategies.  Every attendee will get a copy of Brian Solis’ book Engage, Steve Lance’s book Breakthrough, and Pete Blackshaw’s book A Satisfied Customer Tells 3 Friends, An Angry Customer Tells 3,000. All of this plus breakfast, lunch, & parking for the low price of $179.00.  For members fo the associations listed the price is only $139.00.

Perhaps you are saying to yourself, “sounds great but I don’t have time for such an event?”  It is as Stephen Covey would say.  You have to sharpen the saw every now and then.  If you are so busy sawing and never take time out to sharpen the saw the blade gets dull and your results steadily diminish over time.  The same is true with your professional skills, and if you are looking to sharpen your skills quickly, spending one day at SummitUp might just be the best investment of time and money you make this year.

This is one of those events that truly has the potential to be a transformative day in your life and the life of your business.  The speakers are world class, the information is cutting edge, and the price is a fraction of what comparable events cost.  Best yet it is a one day event right here in Dayton.  No need for expensive hotels, plane tickets, and travel headaches to hear the world’s utmost authorities on marketing, creativity, social media, and technology.  They are coming right here to Dayton!

I am proud to be a part of this event, and delighted to be able to bring such a knowledgeable, talented group of presenters to my home town of Dayton, Ohio.  SummitUp is going to be a special day.  A day that you don’t want to miss.

This event matters.  It can matter to you, to your business, to your peers, and to your community.  Conversely, you matter to the event.  You can play a huge role in making it a success.  How?


  • Visit & register for the event.
  • Share the event with others by liking the SummitUp fanpage on Facebook, following @summitupcon on Twitter, updating your status on Facebook and Twitter to tell your friends and followers about the event.  Even if you can’t attend, simply spreading the word to others helps a great deal.
  • Chime in on the discussions taking place about the event, and help us to make the event as good as it can be.
  • Encourage others you know to attend the event.
  • Show up at SummitUp, tweet, take pictures, shoot videos, jot down notes, and show off this event to the world.
  • Take the things you learn, the connections you make, and the ideas you develop and change the world!


In summary – 1 day, 2 meals, 3 books, 4 keynotes, 10 breakouts, & infinite possibilities: SummitUp 10/19/2010 Dayton Ohio.

I hope to see you there!