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For Great Service, Talk to Tish: AT&T Part II

Well loyal readers, I promised to provide an update to the gripping saga that is my Internet bill as soon as anything changed. Happily, last Friday something did.

At the time of my last post, I was dumbfounded by the lack of professionalism demonstrated by AT&T / Yahoo due to their inability to resolve a $17.00 discrepancy with my bill. I was made to feel like a burden by the customer service representative, told that it was actually in my favor to be double billed, and then told that there were no managers, none, working at the time of my call. Since I had exhausted all options provided me by the customer service representative, I asked if a manager could call me later that evening. I was assured that “Yes, absolutely!” a manager would call later that night. (Apparently there were managers present, but they were too busy to speak with me.)

So I waited…

and waited…

and waited…

Finally on Friday, I decided that the call was not coming, so I reluctantly picked up the phone and dialed the customer service number. I was prepared with pen in hand to document yet another debacle in customer service, but alas my plans were foiled by Tish.

I am not sure how Tish came to be hired by AT&T, but they damn well need to give her a raise, a promotion, and a company car. She was wonderful to deal with and actually fixed my problem. It turns out that the discrepancy was likely due to a change of address. I maintained that we were fully paid with AT&T, while Tish explained that the records for my current phone number show us as being billed one month in arrears. Tish explained her side. I explained mine. Tish listened carefully to the situation, and then said that rather than waste valuable time over $17.00, she was going to issue me a credit on the spot. She stated that she was not admitting that AT&T had made a mistake, but rather that the customer relationship was worth more than 17 dollars and a lot of frustration. She handled it like a professional, and thanked me for my business. (The customer service representative I spoke with on my prior call had lied to me about this too, as she had emphatically stated that such a procedure was impossible for her to do.)

I went on to tell Tish how appreciative I was of the job she did. She truly was remarkable. If you work for AT&T and know Tish, follow her around with a video camera, a tape recorder and a note pad. She knows what she is doing, and she has the ability to get people like me to say nice things about you to the world. Thank you Tish.

This concludes the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of my ISP.

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