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Send Google Local Info Directly to Your Phone

Google LocalI was trying to locate the work number for one of my friends today, so I went to Google Local to do a search on his business. Typed in the name of the business and the city, and up popped several options, the second of which was the one I was seeking. No big deal. But upon clicking on the name of the company, up popped a window with the option to send the information via text message to a phone directly. I am sure this has been around forever, but I had never noticed it. Wow! That is a great tool. I was immediately taken back to a conversation I had with my brother a few weeks ago. He was driving the family south for vacation, and needed to call an audible to the plans. He called me from the road and was having me look-up information for him about events and hotels in the new destination. Looking up the information for him was no big deal, but he was having to jot down the info or memorize it while driving down I-75. Had I known about this, I could have sent him text messages with all the info he needed from my desktop right to his phone. Very slick. I love that I am amazed daily by the world in which we live. If you happen to be on Google local, check out this feature. Incidentally, you can also have Google calendar send text message reminders of events right to your phone too. Great stuff.

On an aside, did you know you can customize the google homepage just by creating a Google account? It is so easy to do, and it makes Google so much more entertaining. You can put various modules on your Google Homepage. I have my gmail, calendar of events, several RSS feeds, a weather forecast, and a magic 8 ball (amongst other items) on mine. They are always adding new modules, putting much of what you need from the web in one place. Create an account today.