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GDrive coming soon?

Google may be changing the way you look at computing yet again with GDrive.  What the hell is GDrive?   It appears to be network storage delivered to you Google style – huge amounts of storage accessible from anywhere with internet access.  In short, GDrive would turn any computer into your computer.  Store all your files, folders, and documents on Google’s servers, for free.  This would alleviate the problems of having to back up information and could free up valuable storage space on your computer’s hard drive. File sharing and collaboration would be made much easier, and combined with Google’s growing array of free software programs, could radically alter how you view computer.  As Microsoft delays release of Office 2007 and prepare for the coming release of Windows Vista, which will be much to large to work on many personal computers, Google seems poised to capitalize yet again.  They are changing the game at what seems to be a great time to do it.  They How long until we see the full Google operating system?  The Google Browser?  The Google Computer?  Well we may never see some or all of these things, but GDrive looks to be coming soon.  I can’t wait to see it.  Google’s GDrive Slips Up