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Gmail Adds Task Manager

For years I have been 1. loving to use Gmail 2. wishing that I could integrate task management within Gmail and 3. trying system after system and platform after platform to stay organized.  Try as I may, I have never been able to find a system that is truly optimal for task, project, and information management.

Well my luck may be changing for better as Gmail today launched an integrated task manager within Gmail.  The manager is located within the Labs section of Gmail, and it can be enabled in just one click.  Once set up, you can just hit “Shift T” or select add task and then you can manage your tasks directly from your email.

The beauty of this is that you can immediately add actionable items to a list from your inbox, allowing you to quickly and effectively keep everything in order and on track.  Yes, I am a total dork for being this excited about a to do list, but I have been waiting for this tool for some time.

Combined with labels, filters, and integration of other inboxes I am hoping that integrated task management will allow me to get more done in less time so there will be more time to do less.