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Go Ahead, Make My Day

Yesterday, I received an email message from a co-worker.  It was only a couple sentences in length.  In essence it said “nice job.”   I was surprised by how good it felt to simply hear someone else say “thanks for doing what you do, because it is important and making an impact.”

It could not have taken more than 1 minute to compose the message.

It took less than 10 seconds for me to read it.

It was thoughtful.

It was unexpected.

It was unsolicited.

This simple gesture made my day.

It reminded me that this is something that I should do more often.   Thanks to my colleague for not just saying good job, but reminding me to do the same for others.

Look around.  Who is doing great work?  Whose day could you make by simply saying nice job?  Take 1 minute today and let them know.