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Google Docs – Rocks!

Today I happened to discover that Google docs and spreadsheets has now added presentations to the list of files that can be shared via this free online tool. The timing could not be better for me, as I am working with a team of MBA students at the University of Dayton on our Capstone project. We are currently utilizing Google Docs to share notes on interviews, research, time lines, financial information and other components of our project. The missing link thus far has been how to share this all in the context of a presentation. We were preparing to pass PowerPoint files back and forth in the traditional fashion, managing version upon version until we got it right. Now with the launch of presentations in Google Docs, we can simply collaborate in one document. This will eliminate duplication of our efforts, the hassle of keeping track of multiple changes to multiple versions, and the miscommunication that can ensue from emailing files back and forth. The link below is a short video about Google Docs that I found on YouTube. If you are unsure as to what the fuss is about this tool, take 2 and 1/2 minutes to watch the video and learn. While I still have a need for all of the Microsoft Office tools, when it comes to collaborative projects, Google Docs – Rocks!

YouTube – Google Docs in Plain English