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Help Ella Crush Cancer

ellabTwo years ago today, the world was forever changed for my family.  That was the day that my daughter Ella was diagnosed with cancer.   I will never forget that day.  The feeling of overwhelming fear, helplessness, and sadness as my wife and I watched her playing in the backyard, still unaware of what we were about to tell her.  She had no idea what cancer was or how it was about to change her life.  All too soon she would discover these things.  The months that followed were a blur.  Questions, surgeries, tests, stitches, bandages, tears, hugs and kisses, followed by more questions, more surgeries, more stitches, more tests, more bandages, more tears and more hugs and kisses.

Ella went through what seemed like hell and together we were all along for the ride.  As awful as it was, we were lucky.  We made it to the other side.  Ella won her fight.  Many children and families we encountered along the way were not so fortunate.  This whole process put life in perspective and taught us about the importance of being true to your heart, intentional with your time, and brave in your actions every second of every day.  Ella’s journey touched us all.  Her struggle has given me, my family, and many others hope and inspiration.  She is truly a hero.

Now that she is cancer free, she is working hard to help in the fight against cancer.  She has participated and organized many fundraising efforts that have raised money for cancer research and cancer support.  She understands how hard her journey was and is working to help others

Ella is a hero to me.  She is a beautiful girl.  She is a cancer survivor.   She is a fighter.  She was fortunate enough to win her fight and now she is working to help others win in the battle against cancer.  She has organized and participated in numerous fundraising and cancer awareness events over the past two years.  I am so proud of her bravery, empathy, and determined efforts to give back and make a difference in the world.  She is quite simply, amazing.

One very special organization that Ella supports is Cancer Free Kids – a Cincinnati based not for profit that raises money to fund pediatric cancer research.  The organization is truly amazing and their annual Butterfly Walk fundraiser event is this weekend in Mason, Ohio.  Ella will be leading her “Cancer Crushers” team in a 1 mile walk, along with other childhood cancer survivors and their friends and families.   The event raises money and awareness for cancer research and is an incredibly moving thing to experience.

If you would like to help Ella in her fight to crush cancer, you can donate to her team, Ella’s Cancer Crushers,  by going here.


On behalf of Ella and our family, I say thanks to all who have supported us in this journey.