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The Shortcut to Google Expertise

Google HelpCheck out the newly released Google Help page. It has tons of information on all things Google, and there is a lot more to the Big G than simple search. It houses an excellent A-Z listing page of services and solutions including GMail and Google Calendar. Also of note is the listing of Writely, the online word processing and collaborative writing solution that has been under wraps since Google’s purchase of the company many moons ago. It looks like it is getting closer to coming out of the private beta and into the hands of the general public. There are now several pages dedicated to information about Writely. Very exciting. Anyway, is a great site for learning more about all the cools tools offered by Google. One more thing on the Google front. If you are an IE user, Google just released a very cool updated version of Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. As cool as it is, I would tell you that it is a better idea to download Firefox, but if you insist on using IE to surf the web, this tool is an essential.

Google Help