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Hooray! Picasa for Mac

hoorayI migrated over to a Mac from a PC back in February of 2008, and I am delighted with the decision.  However, it has not been without its drawbacks, as some programs that work on a PC don’t run on a Mac.  One such program was Picasa – the photo sharing, organizing, editing, and publishing application from Google.   Until now Picasa was not available for Apple machines.

Good news for Apple users as Google released a version of the program for the Mac today.  I immediately downloaded it and indexed all of my countless images.  While services like iphoto are ok, they just don’t match the ease of Picasa in my book.  I do need to spend some time organizing things, tagging images, and making sense everything, but it is great to have my old friend Picasa back.   Now when are they going to release the Chrome browser for Mac?

Picasa for Mac: Free download from Google