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How Great Service Leads to Sales: Tire Discounters

Tire DiscounterYesterday my wife’s car surprisingly got a flat tire. It had been parked in the garage for a few days, seemingly fine, but must have been slowly leaking.  She called me after she discovered it yesterday afternoon, so I came home from work a little early to get it repaired. I jacked up the car, took off the old tire, bolted on the doughnut and headed out – prepared to drop a few hundred bucks for yet another unexpected, but necessary, expense. Because it was close, I chose to go to Tire Discounters. I went inside the store and explained my situation to Michael Golembiewski, the General Manager. Having bought tires from other tire vendors before, I assumed that I would be pummeled with the standard barrage of how I must replace all 4 tires, and only the most expensive tires would truly ensure the safety of my wife and children. However, something else happened – something nice. Michael said “Have a seat, give me 5 minutes to take a look, and I’ll let you know what you need.” So I planted myself in a lobby chair, opened my book, and waited. About 5 minutes later I heard Michael’s voice, as he returned to the lobby. I thought, “Okay, here comes the pain,” and I prepared to scratch out a check for some new Michelans. “Mr Bowman,” Micheal said, “you’re all set.” “What?” I replied – thoroughly confused by what I was hearing. Micheal went on to tell me that they were able to patch the old tire, and there was no charge for the service. His one request was that the next time I needed tires, I need to give him a call. “Are you serious?” I said. “Absolutely” he responded. Thrilled, I thanked him profusely, and headed for home. What Michael did not know, or perhaps on some level did know, was that I have another vehicle that is in need of 4 new tires. Until yesterday, I had not even given thought as to where I would buy them. Today, I need not give it any thought either, because now I know for certain where they will be purchased. So by patching my tire for free, instead of selling me two tires I did not need, Tire Discounters will now get my business for the 4 tires on the other vehicle and any other tires I need in the future. Michael could have easily sold me those 2 tires yesterday. I was powerless. He could a have chosen not to bother patching my old tire, told me it was beyond repair, and charged me for the replacements. He could have, but he did not. He chose to bypass the immediate return of the one time sale in exchange for my trust. It was an investment decision on his part. It was a good one. Had I bought the 2 tires, I would have gotten what I expected. My experience would not have been remarkable, and I would have no compelling reason to return to his store. I certainly would have no reason to tell anyone else about what happened. Because of Micheal’s choice to help me when I needed it, I will now choose to help him grow his business, which is what he needs. So, if you are in need of tires, and happen to live South of Dayton, check out Tire Discounters on West Central Avenue. They replaced my tire, earned my trust, and made my day. Thank You Tire Discounters.

Map of 740 W Central Ave Springboro, OH by MapQuest