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Who Else Wants Free Books?

Moral LeadershipI have said it before, and I will say it again. is the best site on the internet. Why? Because every day IBW will send you information about the latest and greatest business books available, and then give you a chance to win them FOR FREE. Well not exactly free. In Bubble Guy asks two questions every day. In order to win, you have to deliver the right, or at least the funniest, answer. A small price to pay. IBW guy, aka Ryan, will then dole out books each and every day to the winners. I have won a handful of times now, and look forward to the 10:00 e-mail that arrives every day featuring the latest offer. The site is sponsored by the wonderful people at, and is literally the text book example of permission marketing. In the wise words of Jeff Spicoli, IBW is “Awesome, Totally Awesome!”

Thanks to InBubbleWrap for my latest win, Moral Leadership. The book contains a series of essays by people much smarter than I on the topic of Ethics in Business. I am just completing a course on Organizational Behavior and Information Technology, and it will be interesting to see how this book ties in with the material I have been immursed in all summer. I can’t wait to crack the binding on this one. With a price tag of 45 bucks, the victory is even sweeter. Thanks IBW!

Go to InbubbleWrap today and every day! Long live IBW!
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