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I Saw You… Walking In the Rain…

Xander TiptonNope, I am not posting about Oran Juice Jones and his classic hit referenced in the title of this post. I am talking about the Epilepsy Foundation of Western Ohio fund raising event that was held last weekend at Delco park in Kettering, Ohio. It was a very rainy Saturday, and still 75 people turned out to show support and raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation.  The event raised almost $6,000 for the Epilepsy Foundation of Western Ohio.

At the event I got to hear the amazing story of Xander Tipton, a young boy who was diagnosed with seizures in 2005.  With the help of the Epilepsy Foundation he is now seizure free and off of medicine.  His story is amazing and inspiring to anyone touched by epilepsy.  His family spoke about the key role that Janine Poppa and the EFWO played in getting them the resources they needed to help Xander.  Their story is wonderful, and indicative of the great work that this organization does.

Singing in the RainMy family got the distinct honor of leading the walk which circled the park. Although it was cold, wet, and not a very picturesque day to walk, we were delighted to be out in the elements showing our commitment to the wonderful work of this organization.

I want to thank everyone who turned out for the event, those who made online donations, and those who continue to support the EFWO with their time and financial contributions. You are making a real difference in the lives of people dealing with Epilepsy.

Next up… Mud Volleyball ( more on that later this week.)  If it rains like this for that event, mud will not be a problem.