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Impossible Germany, Incredible Band…Wilco

Wilco, Sky Blue Sky – Favorite Things 2007

While working today, I had Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky playing in the background. What an amazing album. Truly one of the musical gems of 2007 if not of the modern era of rock. As I type this, I am listening to the amazing guitar solo on “Impossible Germany,” envious, mesmerized, and completely delighted to be given the chance to soak in such beauty. I picked this album up the day it came out, and have damn near worn the thing out now that December is here. Melancholy and hopeful, melodic yet inventive, this is one of my favorite things for 2007. Every time I listen I discover some new subtle nuance about the album. From the haunting vocal harmonies on You Are My Face, to the gritty “Hate It Here” – which evokes warm sounds of the late Beatles / early John Lennon, to the hopeful lyrics of “White Light” the album is a work of beauty and a creative masterpiece.

What are your favorite things about 2007 – musical and otherwise?

More to come from me on this…