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Improve Your Productivity with Toodledo

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comI am a huge fan of David Allen and his GTD (Getting Things Done) system. Sadly, in the 2 years since I first read his book I have spent countless hours looking for a tool to help me keep track of all the various things I want to accomplish. Not really what he, or I, had in mind for productivity. From pocket Moleskine notebooks and cahiers, to excel, to google docs, to Outlook, to Outlook 2007, then Remember the Milk, pocket mod, hipster GTD and blah blah blah. Finally, I found a tool that works for me. This web based tool allows for the normal to do lists, contexts, gcal integration, email reminders, integrates with, and will even print out a pocket to do list. The feature I like most is the ability to filter and sort based on multiple variables. So for example, it is very easy to view only the calls I need to make to specific clients on a given day. I can see family members that require email. You get the idea. If you are looking to get more organized in 2008, give toodledo a try. What are your methods for organizing life?

Toodledo :: A to-do list to organize your tasks