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Is iGoogle the next SharePoint?

Could iGoogle be used as an effective alternative for the Microsoft collaboration tool SharePoint?  Let me qualify that by saying, I don’t mean today – but rather in the not so distant future.  SharePoint is a pretty powerful application.  Still, if you look at what Google is trying to accomplish with web based applications and cloud computing, ask yourself “could iGoogle be developed into a fairly robust collaboration tool.”  It already allows for customization of content, and there are numerous gadgets that deliver everything from email and calendar to ToDo lists and games.  You can also share individual tabs with others – allowing for a shared workspace for small teams.  I have been pondering this for some time, and thought I would put it out there for discussion.  While I think it is a long way from being something that could be rolled out in a large firm, small businesses could absolutely utilize this free tool to communicate with customers and employees alike.  Also, the fact that SharePoint is one of Microsoft’s hottest products, must make it a huge target for companies like Google and others.  You have to think that the people at Google have at least pondered this notion.  So, what do you think?  Could you use iGoogle as an effective collaboration tool?