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Leaders Make Change

I started running again.  (Please don’t inform me of the over / under on how many days until I quit.)   Anyhow, I decided to combine my love for books with my need to exercise in an effort to make the most of each run.  I have loaded up some audio books onto my ipod, and now can run and learn at the same time.  I hope that my thirst for knowledge will help to offset my love for sleep – and subsequent reluctance to drag my butt out of bed, lace up my asics, and get after it.

This week, while pounding the pavement at the crack of dawn,  I am listening to the audio version of one of my favorite books  – Tribes by Seth Godin.  A quote from that book stuck with me all day today.  “Managers make widgets, Leaders make change.”  I love it.  I am working on becoming an effective leader.   Just like running… it is not easy work, but I know I am better off for doing it.   You?