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Look What I Found… January 2, 2009

look-what-i-foundSharing is a good thing, and I think I need to do more of it.  So, once every week or so I am going to put up a quick post sharing some of my favorite findings from across the web.  Look What I Found… I hope you enjoy.

  • An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth – Thanks to John Moore at Brand Autopsy for pointing me to this great manifesto by Bruce Mau.  The article offers up some great tips on how to live life more fully.  Some of my favorites are #1 Allow events to change you, #3 Process is more important than outcome, #10 Everyone is a leader, #41 Laugh.  More than worth the couple minutes it will take to read.
  • Diary of A Self-Help Dropout: Flirting with the 4 Hour Workweek – Follow along as Wired Magazine’s Chris Hardwick humorously explores  3 popular time management theories – Getting Things Done, Never Check E-mail in the Morning, and The 4 Hour Work Week. Having experimented with these and other systems, I found it fun to follow Chris’ crash course experiment.
  • Happy new year – Seth Godin has a great take on the silliness and potential surrounding the new year.  Love this line… “Like an empty Moleskine notebook, the possibilities are exciting. Why not exceed them?”
  • 27 Blogging Secrets to Power Your Community: Chris Brogan offers up some easy to implement tips on how to improve your blog, increase your readership, and be a more effective contributor to the ongoing online dialogue.   Much of this stuff is common sense, yet not common practice.   Chris always offers up great suggestions on his blog.  It should be required reading for anyone looking to improve their game.