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Milk Fortified with Vitamin G – Remember the Milk integrates with Gmail

logo.pngI was scanning the latest posts from the Google Operating System blog today only to realize that Remember the Milk – an awesome, web based, task management tool – now has the ability to integrate directly into Gmail. It looks as this is the first step towards integrating task management into Gmail, which hopefully will happen in 2008. The ability to use Remember the Milk within Gmail is wonderful in that you can easily move from email to tasks in one place. So many of the emails I receive have some “to do” item that results, which forces me to either have an inbox cluttered with old emails to serve as reminders, or to leave my mail to enter or complete a task somewhere else. This all in one solution, though not perfect, will help to reduce distraction, eliminate duplication of efforts, and better organize my busy life. Remember the Milk also integrates into the igoogle homepage and google calendar, both of which I use daily. I look forward to further integration of tasks into Gmail and Gcal. What do you think of Remember the Milk, Gmail, Gcal, and what do you hope to see in the near future of task management?

Remember the Googley Milk