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More Blood…

more bloodNot all blood is the same.  Yes blood is red and carries oxygen throughout your body, but blood has different characteristics or types.  As a result, there are sometimes issues with compatability.  Your blood may or may not be able to function properly in another human being, depending on your respective blood types.  There are over 30 types of human blood systems, going far beyond the familiar A,B,and O & +- nomenclature taught to us in high school anatomy class.  Blood type is important.

In a recent post, I equated the customer to blood – the sustaining source of life to a company.  It is important to realize that just as there are blood types, there are customer types as well.  Different people seek different benefits from a business.  Some may desire low price.  Others may care deeply about selection or service quality.  While some may care more about quality, image, or speed.  For most it is probably a unique combination of several factors.  What is important to understand is that not everyone is going to be the right type of blood for your business.  That does not mean you should dismiss people or treat them poorly if they are not your “ideal customer,” but rather to acknowledge that you can’t please everyone.  Choose a blood type that fits well with your body (business), and that is available in sufficient supply to sustain life.

If there are 50 competitors vying to be the “low price leader,” you may want to focus on innovative new products, amazing customer service, or fast delivery instead of trying to be the 51st low price leader.  The people seeking low price will not be impressed with you, but they are not the right type of blood for you either.  Low price is incompatible with what your body needs to live.  Ask people what they want.  Find out what type of blood flows through the veins of your best customers, adjust your approach accordingly, and seek out others like them to provide you with more blood as your organization grows.