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Mr. Speaker, Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Ohio’s Speaker of the House,  Jon Husted, has launched a blog (using WordPress of course.)  I think this is great, and I hope that other public officials take note.  I have met Representative Husted a few times, and he seems to be a great person.  Jon is a young man, but carries himself with a calm that many seasoned politicians never achieve.   He is very passionate about his job, and very focused on improving the economy in Ohio, and in Dayton. Don’t be surprised to see his name mentioned as a future candidate for Governor.

While I disagree with him on some issues, I have a deep respect for his approach to the political process and his accomplishments. I have heard him actually say several nice things about Governor Strickland, who is on the opposite side of the aisle from him, and when Jon speaks he regularly talks about the need to find common ground and use common sense.

I look forward to reading his posts and watching him engage with the public in this forum.  Well done Mr. Speaker.

Jonhusted’s Weblog