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Not that I would use something like this…

workFriendlyNow I am sure that everyone reading this post would never have a problem with a web page they want to view at work being blocked.  I realize that you are all probably far too busy filling out reports, maximizing revenue, and creating value for the shareholders, but on the off chance that you have a cousin or friend that may encounter such a problem, check out workFRIENDLY.   I found this site through a tip from the unbelievable site Lifehacker.   Workfriendly is a proxy server that will not only by pass the man’s filtering software, but will also display web pages in an interface that makes them look like MS Word Docs.  They even have  a “Boss Button” that will pull up a page about Time Management if you click it.  Like I said earlier, I will be far too busy to every need such an application, but I thought I might pass along the tip just in case you feel the need to stick it to the man.  As a legitimate use of this tool, it also renders printer friendly versions of web pages.  Great for note taking, which is how I will use it 🙂