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On in Waves

supermoonToday was a snowy Ohio day, so I had a little time to record a song that I recently wrote.  The song is called “On in Waves.”  I hate to tell people what a song is about, because ultimately you should make any song about what you want it to be about.  Still I’ll offer up a jumbled explanation of what was on my mind as I put pen to paper to dream this up.  This is a song about love, specifically the love Colleen and I share.  As we look up at the stars on any given summer evening, we are looking at light that is billions of years old from distant places across our vast unknown universe.  I imagine that somewhere “out there” someone or something else may be looking out at the night sky, seeing our world and making wishes for love, hope, and happiness.  Light is energy in both particle and wave, and while the particles of us as specific human beings will soon be gone, the waves of light and energy that radiate outward have the potential to live on and spread through the cosmos.  Perhaps this means that Love is infinite – an energy that spreads and transcends our physical existence as we all live on in waves.

Should you choose to give it a listen, I hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to download and share this song if you like it.


Look at the stars in the sky
Up there for you and I
Down in the dark of the night
We stop and wonder why

Look at the stars in the sky
And wonder if they’ve died
Look at the beautiful light
A billion years from tonight

Some distant place
Someone will search for a symbol of grace
On a distant night,
they’ll look up to sky
Out at the light
Gazing above,
They’ll look and see our love

Look at the stars in the sky
Someday we all must die
Look in your heart and be brave
We all live on in waves