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Looking out the window of an airplane, I had a thought that’s certainly not original, but still interesting to me. Up until the last century, no human being enjoyed anything close to this perspective, saw this kind of view, or understood from seeing it first hand that the blue sky is still there on the other side of the cold gray clouds. Hundreds of thousands of years, millions of humans, and none of them saw the world from the view of the sky. One of many everyday modern miracles we take for granted.

Gazing out my window, I thought about the people down below, looking up at what was probably a dreary gray sky on an early fall day, and yet just beyond their view the beautiful blue sky was still surrounding them. They just couldn’t see it from their vantage point. The difference between my view and theirs was just a simple matter of perspective.

Sometimes when we look up and see nothing but gray, we forget the beautiful blue that’s still there on the other side. And sometimes in life, because of perspective, we’re fortunate enough to see things others can’t.