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Schiffler Shines at Breakfast Briefing

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comThe Dayton Chamber Breakfast Briefing is one of the best professional events in Dayton, or anywhere for that matter. It is a permanent part of my schedule. Month after month, this series delivers the best speakers and the best audience for a great speech and a great meal. Today took it up to a whole new level, as Bob Schiffler, local businessman and developer, spoke about his efforts to revive downtown Dayton. It was fascinating. Bob was candid, honest, and thought provoking in addressing the crowd. He presented a long list of great ideas, all revolving around creativity and art, in order to breathe life into downtown. He outlined a plan that he hopes he can execute to restore the Arcade and the area that surrounds it. Still, in doing so, he made no suggestion that it was somehow a done deal – or even a deal at all. He presented ideas for murals, flower gardens, sculptures, architecture, and yes, even parking. He challenged the audience to “take ownership” of the future of Downtown and work to make change happen. God knows he has done his fair share to advance that cause. “What am I talking about?” Visit the Kuhns Building at 4th and Main. You will understand immediately. What is really interesting to me is this. Of all the plans I have heard to land new retail, new business, and new jobs in downtown, I hear nothing about how to land another Bob Schiffler. Is anyone looking for more economic development engines like him. Would it not be smarter for Dayton to spend “branding” dollars, not on studies and logos, but on talented visionaries like Bob. To be sure, he is a rare breed, but I would take him over a new Home Depot any day. Thanks to Bob for agreeing to speak, and for delivering a message that was so moving.