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Shiny Metal Objects – Google Chrome

Count on Google to invent yet another great product.  From the Search Engine to Gmail to Google Docs to Goog-411, the folks at Google continue to make my life better.  Enter Chrome – the new web browser from Google.  Now those who know me, know that I am a loyal Firefox user.  I love the extensions, and the ability to customize my browsing experience.  That said, Chrome is amazing.  It screams.  The browser was designed from the ground up with the idea that the way people use the web has radically changed in recent years.  Now, the web is more of a platform for what we do, and not just a collection of static pages.   

Thus, Google Chrome is designed to manage video, dynamic web pages, multiple processes, and browser memory much better than its counterparts.  The experience of using it is noticably better from the first instant. The only drawback that I have encountered to date is that it does not work on a Mac, and thus I had to dust off the PC to test drive the product.  Apparently they are working on versions for the Mac and for Linux.   I can’t wait until they do, because it is such a superior product.  If you have a PC, you owe it to yourself to download it and take Chrome for a test drive.  

As someone who spends an increasing amount of time utilizing the web as my primary workspace, I look forward to making Chrome my browser of choice.   It is faster, more secure, more stable, handles video better, manages online applications more effciently, has a great interface, and is FAST.  

Oh, and another thing that makes Chrome cool…. Google used a comic book to help promote its release.


Google Chrome