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Songza: Search Engine Meets Jukebox

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comHey music fans. Check out Songza, a web 2.0 style search tool for music. Type in an artist or song name and songza will deliver a listing of search results linking to audio files. It then gives you a number of options including playing the track, embeding it in your web site, or ranking the result. It seems to have an amazing depth of content. I tried to play “stump the band” and was not successful. Virtually everything I entered in Songza returned a result similar to or precisely in line with what I was seeking. It does limit the result to 45 links, but I am sure that some creative search techniques and careful keyword choices can serve to remedy that. This makes a nice compliment to another of my online faves Pandora. Give them both a look… and a listen.

Songza – The music search engine & internet jukebox. Listen. Now.