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Speed 2

Speed2Last October I attended a student presentation at the University of Dayton entitled Speed Marketing.  The event featured several groups of students delivering 5 minute presentations on the latest and greatest trends in the world of marketing.  The event was wonderful.  The students did a great job of presenting the information in a highly impactful and very concise fashion.  The concepts were extremely relevant, the presentations solid, and the students did a fantastic job of providing new insights to the audience.

Following the event I was interviewed by Maureen Schlangen, from the University of Dayton.  To my plesant surprise her article containing some of that interview was featured in the latest edition of Dayton Business Leader, a publication produced by UD’s Business School.  The article did a great job of describing the event and the value that the student delivered to all of those who attended.  Here is a link to the online publication,  or a link to the PDF file, if you would like to read the article, or any of the others that are in the magazine.  The Speed Marketing article is on page 17.  Thank to Maureen for asking me for my feedback and including it, and a picture, in the article.

UD recently announced that it is putting on a sequel to the original event.  Unlike most sequels, this one may even be better than the original.  Topics for the event include:

* E-Mail Campaigns: Best Practices and Applications
* Search Engine Marketing and Optimization: Best Practices and Applications
* Blogging to Connecting to Research
* Facebook: A Space for your Organization and Brands?
* LinkedIn: Should You or Shouldn’t You?
* Twitter: What the Heck Is It, and How Can Organizations Use It?
* Mobile: It’s Here
* Ning Ning Ning For Marketing
* Look Who’s Talking Dot Com

The event will be held  from 11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 25 at the Dayton Racquet Club. Admission is $15.  I plan on attending, and hope that you choose to do the same.  Go here for more information or to register for the event.