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Google Flu Trends

I saw this story last week, and meant to put up a post about it, but alas it was lost in the shuffle.  Having sorted through said shuffle this morning, I thought I would go ahead and put up a brief “better late than never” post anyhow. has now added the ability to track […]

Gmail Now Comes in a Can?

I am an unabashed lover of Gmail, the free email service offered by Google.  This week the Gmail team introduced a new feature that has some real value – Canned Response.  The feature allows you to “pre-write” standard email messages that you can then call up with one click and send as a response. My […]

Shiny Metal Objects – Google Chrome

Count on Google to invent yet another great product.  From the Search Engine to Gmail to Google Docs to Goog-411, the folks at Google continue to make my life better.  Enter Chrome – the new web browser from Google.  Now those who know me, know that I am a loyal Firefox user.  I love the […]

Is iGoogle the next SharePoint?

Could iGoogle be used as an effective alternative for the Microsoft collaboration tool SharePoint?  Let me qualify that by saying, I don’t mean today – but rather in the not so distant future.  SharePoint is a pretty powerful application.  Still, if you look at what Google is trying to accomplish with web based applications and […]

The Wiggles and The Beastie Boys: Together at Last

Two of my daughter’s favorite bands are The Wiggles and The Beastie Boys. She is 4. We try to carefully monitor how much and what of both bands is appropriate. Of course, I try to steer her towards the Beastie’s, like any good father would. (Please don’t call Children’s Services. We don’t let her listen […]

LinkedIn – Sales, Market Research… and Networking tool

Many people think of as sort of an Online Rolodex. Others might describe it as MySpace for business people or Facebook all grown up. While these descriptions are accurate on some levels, they are not painting the complete picture of what LinkedIn can offer to business professionals. There are numerous uses for the site […]

Google Docs Shifts Gears

This post is about Google Gears and Google Docs. I will get to that, but first a question. Do you have a Google Account? If not, get one. It takes about 2 minutes to set up, and allows you to take advantage of so many wonderful, free tools – one of which is Google Docs. […]

Google – Elmer Fudd Style

Wooking for a weelly funny way to wead google? Click on the Search Preferences link just to the right of the logo. Once you are on the preferences screen, click on the drop down box (for most readers of this site, that will be set on English already) and then scroll down until just before […]

Email the Past – Happy April 1 from Google

Google always delivers something fun on April 1st. This year is no exception Check out Gmail Custom Time. Imagine being able to have a tool where you could email into the past… Now wouldn’t that be fun Here is a brief excerpt: “I just got two tickets to Radiohead by being the ‘first’ to respond […]

What’s Up Docs? Google Uploader

Yet another step closer to the long awaited “GDrive” Google released a tool to ease the process of uploading documents from your computer desktop to Google Docs. The new tool allows one to drag and drop word processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations right into your Google Docs account. The types of files you can upload […]