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If I Was In Charge of Verizon…

If I was in charge of Verizon, the first thing I would do would be to take the large group of people, known collectively on TV as “the network,” – seen following around the “can you hear me now?” guy in the commercials – and reassign them to work in Customer Service.  In fact I […]

If I Was In Charge of… City Life Sculptures in Dayton

For the second year in a row the City of Dayton, along with the Downtown Dayton Partnership, has brought in 20 of the magnificent bronze sculptures sculptures of J. Seward Johnson.  The sculptures are extremely lifelike.  They depict people, sometimes accompanied by animals and props, going about daily life in the city.  The detail is […]

If I Was In Charge of Coke… or Pepsi

This week, I am offering a suggestion that can be easily implemented by either Soft Drink giant.  However, since I have named 2 companies, I will make 2 suggestions.  Fair enough?  Alright, here goes… If I was in charge of Coke the first thing I would do would be to bring back real cane sugar.  […]

If I Was In Charge Of… Staples

I was watching game 3 of the NBA finals last night, which was being played in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. The building is home to the Lakers, and hosts concerts and other events as well. There are frequently blimps flying around the building, shooting the all too familiar overhead view of the venue. […]