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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Social Media – First Things First

Habit 3: First Things First This habit is a critical one, and one that gets a lot of attention.  Before we delve into First Things First, let’s take a step back to place this habit in the proper context. Covey’s first three habits are described as habits of independence.  They are introspective in nature.  When […]

Leaders Make Change

I started running again.  (Please don’t inform me of the over / under on how many days until I quit.)   Anyhow, I decided to combine my love for books with my need to exercise in an effort to make the most of each run.  I have loaded up some audio books onto my ipod, and […]

If I Was In Charge of Microsoft, the First Thing I Would Do…

Before we talk Microsoft, let me talk about the premise here.  How many times to you hear yourself or someone else make the following statement,  “If I was in charge of that company the first thing I would do would be…”  I hear it every day, and probably utter the phrase myself every other day. […]