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Thank You Brian, Janet, and Relizon

This week’s thank you post is a little different. I am writing to thank not one person, but several of them, as this week I thank some of my former co-workers at Relizon. Let me explain. Yesterday, I was let go by Relizon, as the company is moving in a different direction following its recent acquisition. That is business, and I bear no hard feelings or ill will. I enjoyed my time there, did a great job, made a positive impact, had fun, and I have no regrets about choosing to work at Relizon. Therefore I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my former professional partners. My former boss, Brian Montgomery- as good as any manager I have had. He was always willing to listen and was always available if I needed his help. He is even listed on the professional reference page of my website. He was a lot of fun to work with, and is an all around good guy. His former boss, Janet Collins, was largely responsible for bringing me into Relizon. She will be leaving Relizon as well, and I am sorry that I will not get the opportunity to work with her more closely. She is incredibly talented and full of vibrant energy. I can’t wait to see what endeavor she undertakes next. I know it will be remarkable. There were so many other people that I was fortunate enough to meet and work with at Relizon that I would like to thank as well. John “Captain Digital” Specht, Sherri, Jan, Casey, Nathan, Glen, Robin, Pat, Tim McKenzie, (who provided me with some great Greg the Bunny Jokes and excellent roots music), Jim, Tammy, Melanie, and everyone else whom I was fortunate enough to work with in my brief stay. I wish you all the best of luck, and thank you for everything. It was a privilage and a pleasure to work with you, and I am sure that you will all continue to flourish. Now I am on to the future, which is a blank canvas right now. I must say that I am energized, excited, and I can’t wait to begin writing the next chapter of my life. To all those who made the last chapter so wonderful, I say Thank You!