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The Guinness Blog

Friday and guinness just seem to go together. GreatGuinness.jpg
Introducing the Guinness blog, a site launched by the company’s marketing staff. I must say that reading about guinness is not nearly as fun as drinking it, but the hangover is much more user friendly. All kidding aside, well most kidding aside, the site is really well done, and makes for great reading. Did you know that they spend all year planning for St. Patty’s Day? I must admit that after reading through it, I am thinking about picking up some Guinness for the fridge on my way home from work. That is sort of the idea of marketing, so job well done Guinness crew. Check out the site for yourself. Note, you need to tell the site you are from England to enter, which of course you are from England so that is no problem.  Thanks to Adrants for pointing me to the site.