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The Hard Part Ain’t The Running

RunningWeek one of the running program is officially in the books, and I feel really good about it. While the first week of the program involved a lot more walking than running, the hardest part came long before I laced up the Asics, strapped on the I-Pod, and hit the sidewalk. The challenge was overcoming resistance.

It would have been easier to hit snooze at 5:50, roll over, say “screw this,” and go back to sleep. It would have been easier to do nothing, it always is – but there is no payoff in doing nothing.

This morning was especially tough. I had class last night, and I had a major project due this week that kept me up pretty late every night. The buzz of the alarm seemed to come too soon. My eyes did not want to open. The blankets were warm and comforting. I could hear the rain spattering on the deck outside. I had plenty of valid excuses for not running. I went through a long list of them, three times, until finally I chose not to give in to resistance. I chose to do something – I ran. Ten minutes into my run, as the rain was steadily dripping off of my forehead, I began to smile. I had done it – at least for week 1. I kept a promise to myself to run, and it felt good. I won. I have a long way to go to get into shape. My overall goal is to get into better physical shape, but my real challenge is to strengthen my mental focus. It is amazing what you can do when you choose to wake up and take the first step – even if at a slow pace.

voice » Run Like Hell, Walk Like Hell…repeat