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The Next Chapter Begins

My name is David E. Bowman. I am looking for a job. Not just any job, but a great job. I seek a job that challenges me. A job that pushes me to my limits, tears down my creative barriers, and changes the world daily. I am looking to start a revolution. I am finished with settling for something that will be good enough for now, or that will just pay the bills. I am seeking fulfillment, excitement, and enrichment brought daily through my vocation. It is not enough to be confined to the cubicle in hope of someday getting my big break. I have been there, I have done that. No more. I want to create. I want to be bold and brilliant. I want to bring my passion and energy to a place where it is amplified by those around me. I want to be remarkable, and I will be. If you know of such a place, I would like to talk to you. If you seek such a person for your company, I would like to meet you. Find out more about me by visiting  

My search has started, and the next chapter begins…