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This is Your Sewer.. on Drugs

Are people in your neighborhood using Cocaine? Meth? LSD? Flintstone Vitamins? Scharffen-Berger Chocolate? Soon, you may be able to have a better idea as to whether your neighbors are truly crazy or just good old fashioned junkies, loaded up on barbiturates. “How?” you ask. Well, it seems as thought scientists in Oregon are now drug testing raw sewage. They can run tests to determine if the waste from an area contains high levels of “intoxicated waste.” One of the ideas behind this is that if the levels of a particular drug found in the sewer system show up or go up in a specific part of town, the police could then step up patrols and change tactics for better drug enforcement. According to the story, individuals can not be tied back to the drug use with this technology – so it would serve just as a general indicator for patterns of drug use. Not sure how I feel about somebody testing sewage for drugs, but I am glad I chose marketing. Many would probably disagree with me on that one. Since hearing this story, I can’t help but sing the musical number below from Scrubs. Looks like they need a new verse.

Everything comes down to poo.  Below is the NPR story that led to this awful post.

A Communal Drug Test via the Sewer : NPR