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Trick or Treat

photoWith Halloween just one day away, Trick or Treat is definitely on the brain.  So in the spirit of the season ask yourself this question.  Metaphorically speaking, what are you giving your customers these days? Tricks or Treats?  If you are offering treats, are they like those old, stale, home-made popcorn balls or are they delicious, sugary surprises.  Do you know who is allergic to what?  Do you know who likes chocolate and who likes sweet-tarts?  Technology combined with a little inquiry and a lot of listening can enable you to have the ability to hand out precisely the candy your customers want.  Don’t let your business be remembered for handing out junk that nobody wants, be that house that everyone talks about.  Know your customers and give them what they want – word will spread and the people will beat a path to your door.  Happy Halloween.