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If Your Company Closed Tomorrow Would Anyone Care?

Free Image Hosting at Last spring, when author and Marketeer John Moore came to Dayton, he spoke about what makes a business or brand important. One thing that has stuck with me from his fantastic presentation was this. “If your business was gone tomorrow, would anyone care?” What a profound question, and great way to gauge if your business is truly relevant. This should really be a focal point of Marketers. How do you create not just a loyalty, but a love for your company. This point came back to mind today when I read in the Dayton Business Journal that Don Pablos in Vandalia and Ruby Tuesday’s at the Dayton Mall had closed. Immediately I thought to myself “Who cares?” I can remember the hype only a few years back when Don Pablos opened that location. For a time, the place was packed – as people flocked to check it out. Unfortunately, poor quality, a lack of cleanliness, and intense competition led to its inevitable demise. The question I pose is “does anyone care?” What about your business – would anyone care if your company closed up shop tomorrow?

Two long-time restaurants close – Dayton Business Journal: