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Uncle Rico

unclericoI saw a commercial last week for one of my favorite films, the cult classic comedy Napoleon Dynamite.  In addition to making me laugh, the commercial set me to thinking about Marketing.  Specifically, I was thinking about the lesson that can be learned from the character Uncle Rico.

Uncle Rico, masterfully played by Jon Gries, is summoned by Napoleon’s grandmother to watch over things while she recovers in the hospital from a dune buggy accident.  As the film progresses, we learn that Uncle Rico lives in his van,  is a one time a star athlete turned tupperware saleman, and that in spite of his once awesome abilities his longtime girlfriend left him because he was “stuck in 82.”

Throughout the film, it is clear that Rico has a distorted vision of his own greatness.  There is one moment that is laugh out loud funny where he says something like “I bet I can throw this football over that mountain.”

So where am I headed with this?

Well let me ask you this… Is your company like Uncle Rico?  Have your best, most loyal customers left you for something new because you are stuck in the past?  Are you stuck making rediculous claims and re-living the glory years of old or are you innovating and changing with the times?  Are the strategies, techniques, and tactics you are using to grow your business in step with the technology of today and the needs of your customers, or are you just stuck in 82, 92, or even 02.

Just a little something to think about.