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Voices: Episode 1 – Steven L. Johnson, PhD

About SinclairI am happy to introduce a new project entitled “Voices.” This will be an ongoing series of interviews with interesting people I know – some better than others. In doing so, I hope to provide a range of perspectives on the world. I plan on asking a few questions, and letting someone else do the talking. This will be delivered in an ongoing series of podcasts that I will produce. The project has just gotten started, and already I am having a tremendous amount of fun.

Episode 1 is an interview with the President of Sinclair Community College, Steven L. Johnson, PhD.  Sinclair has been in the news recently for their success, regional growth, and the upcoming levy they are trying to pass. Dr. Johnson lends some insight to the role of Sinclair in the community, the importance of education, the uniqueness of the Miami Valley, and his love for Tex Mex cuisine.
I found him to be very engaging, and a great choice for my first interview. He was not given any of the questions in advance, and he spoke from the heart at length about the future of Sinclair.As a note, there is some static in the recording a couple minutes into it. It is brief, and in the future I will work to improve the sound quality of the pieces. Please accept my apology in advance. I hope you enjoy hearing Dr. Johnson, and I thank him for his time. More “Voices” will be coming soon…