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Voices Episode 4: Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller

Gravitational Marketing: It Ain’t heavy, It’s Just My Podcast.

Jimmy and TravisYesterday, May 20th, 2008, I had the opportunity to spend an hour talking to Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller – authors of the newly released book Gravitational Marketing. Jimmy and Travis found me through the Physics of Marketing posts series, and thought that it tied in well with their book. Thus, they asked if I would be interested in hosting a podcast to talk about Gravitational Marketing. I jumped at the chance, and I am glad I chose to do so. The experience was wonderful. I got to read a great new book. I learned more about smart ways to attract new customers. And, I made a new connection with a couple really smart, interesting, and all around great people.

About the book…

Gravitational Marketing is an easy read, and well worth the price. I knocked it out in under 2 hours, and must say that I picked up dozens of great ideas. The first half of the book is a discussion of Gravitational Marketing as a philosophy. They look at common misconceptions people have about marketing and attracting customers. Here are some key takeaways from the first half of the book.

  • There are 3 key rings that create successful marketing. Market, Message, and Media. For marketing campaigns to be successful these elements must work together.
  • The process of gravitational marketing is broken down into 4 key components – Gravitate, Captivate, Invigorate, Motivate
  • To be worthy of attraction, or sensational, a business should be: interested, unique, fun, visible, credible, and spreadable
  • Become an expert at something
  • People buy because of a perceived high return on investment, emotional benefits, or believability, not because of chance, price, or advertising
  • great marketing, effective marketing that yields results, does not have to be expensive and does not require an ad agency

So, if the first half of the book is the “What and Why” portion of the program, the second half is “How to” part. Jimmy and Travis offer 36 easy techniques to attract customers. From direct mail to radio, social networks, to networking, presentations to print, these guys cover the bases of what it takes to bring in the business. There are dozens of links to various vendors and industry experts and real world example of tips and tool that you can immediately put to use.
Please take a listen to the podcast, and let me know your thoughts. I would encourage you to check out Travis and Jimmy’s web site, and pick up a copy of Gravitational Marketing.